Aiding You towards a Restriction-Free Body
Structural Bodywork, Massage Therapy and Alternative Training



Alternative Training Modalities out of the most modern science and "body technology". Fascia friendly and towards restriction-free movement.

  • Deep Core Integration comprises the Core and Pelvic Floor as well as the Spine and the whole body. Stretching and moving the deeper layers. Integrating the core function to the system.
  • PP Breathwork is to train your breath, mind and nervous system, for resilience, stamina and expansion. 

The complexity of your own life, past, present, future as well as your present level of commitment and responsibility over your health dictates mainly what serves you best. Passive or partially passive therapies like massage, blueprint, reflexology or a sensory flow massage will soothe your being in an unique way. YOU receive. 

If you, otherwise, decide in this moment to take action and learn about your body in an active way, on the table, sitting and standing receiving soft tissue (fascia or connective tissue) manipulations to get your body in new places and integrating this changes to you daily movement with ease. Structural Integration is then your therapy. A manual therapy that is holistic, technical, modern and revealing. Working with your postural pattern towards a restriction-free body. Giving awareness, pain release, freedom of movement and solutions to specific problems as well as global. Pain, stiffness, stress, burnout, fibromyalgia, injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, scar tissue, trauma and more. Go beyond!

Empower yourself, learn, get the tools you need to take over your health and move. Movement is, ultimately, the treatment and homework for many of Postural Patterns' clients. Modern, painless, useful and interesting training modalities. Stretching, mobilization, release, optimization, enhance and growth. Deep-CORE Training (DCT) is the yield of Albert's life served to you in: 1-on-1 sessions, workshops, group classes and courses for professionals. PP Breathwork is a breathing and coaching training that is restoring the nervous system and reprogram it into what you want in life.