Towards a Restriction-Free Body
Structural Bodywork, Integrative Massage and Alternative Training


 Structural Bodywork

  • Go Beyond. Advanced Bodywork for different ailments, physical and mental. 
  • Find the Postural Pattern behind your injury or ailment and get long term benefits. 
  • Do a process of 3, 5 or 7 sessions to unwind the body and free it UP in a meaningful way, working on the structure to improve function and awareness.



Have an immediate release to your Stress, Pain, Stiffness or Injury. Our wide and mastered skill set make us competent in addressing a lot of issues, specializing in frozen shoulders, TMJ (jaw) disorders, migraines, stress, burnout, scoliosis or pelvic floor recovery (global approach with our CORE sessions

INTEGRATIVE MASSAGE is the signature treatment of Postural Patterns and Albert. A beautiful blend of deep tissue, fascial release and energy work that is designed for every client according to each individual's postural pattern and current state, together with the wishes and expectations of each client. 

CORE sessions

2-10 cm of waist line reduction

Pelvic floor recovery. Toning of the core, core function.

Better posture, painless movement and better breathing

Connect deeply with your core and posture, recover after childbirth and/or tone up your core and body through MOVEMENT and MANUAL TECHNIQUES in 1 session. A sequenced training session that has also the therapeutic effects from the soft tissue gentle manipulations over the clothes whilst performing functional movements. 

What Serves you best? What do you want? What do you need in this moment of your LIFE? Where are you, in your body? Or in your process towards becoming and being yourself? What about your movement patterns? Are you aware of every part of your body or is the head disconnected from the body? What does it cost you to remain in the place where you are at the moment?

Do you want a FREE Consultation? Every Sunday morning Albert offers a few available 20min spots to come and have your posture checked as well as an evaluation of your function and talking about targets in your body and being.  You will find out which is your main postural pattern and understand where you are in your body. This consultation has an enormous value to know yourself and also the way I work (Albert). It is a fantastic way to see, first, if I can help you and, second, make a strategy according your targets and commitment. 

" I want you to be in your own Power. I don't believe in giving blindly your problem or responsibility to your therapist because it isn't empowering to exclude yourself from the process. I can support you for how long it's needed in your process and ultimately, sooner o later, it's you who chooses and thrives towards an independent, functional and connected being. I believe in you, truly. And I wish to work with people like you! "