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- Founder of Postural Patterns -  Structural Bodywork, Massage Therapy and Training


"I can't define myself separately as a structural bodywork practitioner, massage therapist, kinesiologist, energy worker, TMJ specialist, reflexologist, biomagnetism practitioner or trainer in hypopressive method, deep-core training, pelvic floor training or breathing techniques. I like to see myself as someone curious about myself and others and who likes finding the way to unwind and unfold someone from a restriction, whether it's physical or not. Integrating new information to the body isn't a quick shortcut, even though I can do that. Understanding the way a particular body works isn't an exact science. I like to know where we are, the targets we have and where are we going. The process, the journey is quite a big thing. The transformation is just unavoidable, if you allow it"


Albert Sola Renart, with a background in manual therapy, postural re-education, massage therapy, pelvic floor training, fascial fitness and functional movement is the founder of Postural Patterns, a company dedicated to the diffusion and transmission of knowledge of a modern approach to easy and painless movement, lifestyle and training offering courses to therapist and non-therapists. He opens consultations hours at TMP (The Movement Practice) in Amsterdam as well as his own family home practice in Amstelveen for Structural Bodywork sessions, massage therapy, applied kinesiology, trigger point therapy, prenatal massage, foot reflexology and energy healing. He writes articles on different subjects, body and spirit. creator of the pelvic floor training Deep-CORE Training as well as PP TMJ (jaw) Reset technique.


Have you ever felt depleted and frustrated because something isn't working in your life? Not in flow, separated, confused and uncertain of everything? Well, that was me after I dropped the studies of Biology and Physiotherapy in Spain. I didn't cope with a system that treats symptoms and sees people as a sum of wrong things instead of being understanding with our holistic nature by stimulating the many resources and self-healing mechanisms in our body. As many therapists I started my trajectory with massage courses as a way to get started in being in front of a human being and helping them with their pain and complaints. Touch as a therapeutic tool both for client and therapist. Time has passed and still my learning path full of curiosity is; hope and eagerness. From massage to the more energetic and alternative approaches having success treating and helping people with Kinesiology, Reiki, Biomagnetism, Essential Oils and Chakra healing. Yet I didn't feel myself belonging to that field and untrue to my identity.


I didn't turn my back to those therapies but I stopped investing time and effort in them to see if they were in sync with my path and they would come to me anyway. They didn't, so they had been more a way to connect myself with the voice within me than the way I wanted to work with. Fantastic. That was discarded and it was a relief. Back was I  specializing in deep tissue massage work and releasing deep layers of the physical body, helping people with physical issues due to stress, work load and lack of movement. I started to be one of the best massage therapists in Amsterdam. Up for any challenge. I was starting to empathize with the frustration of many clients both active and not so active people who were asking me the million-dollar question: "How often should I come for a massage?" "It depends!" Something was misaligned, there must be a solution for all and to give more power, responsibility and awareness to my clients. 

On my way to specializing for TMJ (Jaw) issues I discovered Structural Integration., A holistic manual therapy that works with precision on the parts and on the whole body with a global view. Postural alignment, body awareness, deep work, unwinding the body from restrictions working on the connective tissue/fascia. I got it. I found what I really love and support with all my Being as a profession. Precision, Refinement of touch and postural Vision. With some challenging times and a whole new Anatomy map, 4D Anatomy, in-depth training with many fellow physiotherapists, osteopaths and other alternative therapists, 

I thrived towards my goal to bring this therapy to as many people as possible to change their lives as it has changed mine. Entirely. Restricted hips, recurrent jaw pain, lack of deep freedom in my own body, I didn't have a very strong postural pattern because of the training with my body and breathing training, yet limited in my body and my mind in different ways. I can say now that I feel freer than ever and it only goes to more!!

There's no Pandora box, there's nothing to be afraid of. We don't impose good posture on top of your current restrictions. We take out those restrictions to let the person and their body choose by itself from a neutrality. A FRESH NEW BEGGINING. ARE YOU READY FOR IT?