Towards a Restriction-Free Body
Structural Bodywork, Integrative Massage and Post-partum CORE sessions in Amsterdam

Mom project

Designed to recover to the same or higher condition than before the pregnancy. There are changes that are there to stay but the ones that we can impact are the ones that we are interested in. Soft tissue / fascia work, movement and awareness.

Postural Patterns' practice is hosted in the fabulous Pilates studio The Movement Practice (TMP) at Korte Schimmelstraat 18, Amsterdam. There is a collaboration that is relevant to our clients understanding the importance in having enough movement in life and to have support when needed. We are here for that and we have our best interest in you. That is why we have created a program that is designed for the lady that just delivered a baby/ies to:

  1. Connect with your body and gain "body intelligence"
  2. Recover the structure (posture) with Structural Bodywork.  
  3. Recover the pelvic floor muscles and the CORE, close an open abdominal mid-line (diastasis recti), improve the breath, get in shape and raise up your energy level with Pilates and the CORE sessions.


After childbirth it is so appreciated to bring things together. Not just that, but we make sure the machine is well running. Movement for life, to live fully.

what's included:


5 structural bodywork sessions of 90min

5 CORE sessions

 1 free consultation

 1 free integrative massage session of 90min



PRICE: 1210€ > 1000€


Contact us for a Free Consultation and go through any doubt, plan the strategy to follow according to your body and current state of health and energy. Send an email to with the subject "Mom project" or call +31 (0) 640731976 

Thanks for your trust, Albert.