Aiding You towards a Restriction-Free Body
Structural Bodywork, Integrative Massage and Alternative Training

Structural Bodywork 

 Start a process of 3, 5 or 7 sessions to unlock old restrictions in the structure and improve function with long term results. Better posture and alignment give a release of energy in the system and letting go of patterns. Giving more choices to the body for movement has great benefits for the whole being actually.

90min sessions


Integrative Massage

The signature treatment of Postural Patterns and Albert. A beautiful blend of deep tissue, fascial release, holistic techniques and energy work that is designed for every client according to each individual's postural pattern and current state, together with the wishes and expectations of each client. 100% custom. 100% YOU!

Self-care, maintenance, problem fixing, relaxation. All is welcome!

60min & 90min sessions

Active Fascial Release (AFR)

Short full body treatment performed with clothes and standing. Ideal at work, in the park, before competition or sporting or in any time for maintenance. 
Aims is to INTEGRATE movement and improve function quickly and effectively. Active Fascial Release blends myofascial and functional movement with hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue to create a variety of therapeutic effects. 
30min sessions


TMJ (jaw) Reset

Jaw pain, teeth grinding, migraines, neck and shoulders pain. A yoga for the jaw muscles to restore the muscle tone in the area. The importance of breath during this session is Key. Ultimately we want to link the breath with a relaxed jaw and neck muscles. It benefits the whole body as the TMJ is connected to 90% of muscles of the body. 
60min sessions



Kinesiology protocol to balance the main chakras or energy centers. Highly recommended for people who lack stability and focus, emotionally, in their lives. People highly stressed to the point of exhaustion or burnout will be able to create the space within themselves that they are deeply craving. 

60min sessions