Aiding You towards a Restriction-Free Body
Structural Bodywork, Massage Therapy and Alternative Training

Deep Core Integration (DCI)

Just move, breathe, stretch and expand!

Empower yourself, learn, get the tools you need to take over your health and move. Movement is, ultimately, the treatment and homework for many of Postural Patterns' clients. Modern, painless, useful and interesting training modalities. Stretching, mobilization, release, optimization, enhance and growth. Deep Core Integration (DCI) is the yield of Albert's life served to you in: 1-on-1 sessions, workshops, group classes and courses for professionals. Breathwork is a breathing and coaching training that is restoring the nervous system and reprogram it into what you want in life. 





Breathing training to gain tools and get deep benefits for your system. Health and Performance. Mind and Body. Stress management. Performance in sports and business.