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Active Fascial Release (AFR)

Active Fascial Release has been developed by James Earls, blending his understanding of myofascial and functional movement principles with hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue to create a variety of therapeutic effects. 

James trained with Tom Myers, the originator of the Anatomy Trains model, and studied functional movement principles with Gary Gray and David Tiberio of the Gray Institute. Active Fascial Release aims to bring the best of both these models together to give you an immediate and effective treatment tool.

Active Fascial Realease combines elements of motor control theory with a neuro-myo-fascial approach to identify, treat and finally re-educate the client's movement patterns. The blending of guided movement with various soft tissue engagement protocols has created a method that addresses the body as a whole and acknowledges the roles of the body's various tissues an their interrelationships.  

AFR is a therapeutic tool that can be used at any time and almost all circumstances. After work, before/after a massage or bodywork session, before training or competition to refine the movement strategies,...


This is the beauty of AFR. It does all this at the same time. It gives the therapist and the client immediate information on the target area. It re-educates the motor system in the area (further exercises/stretches may be necessary for longer=held benefits).