Towards a Restriction-Free Body
Structural Bodywork, Integrative Massage and Alternative Training

Experiencing Structural Bodywork sessions

Structural Integration approaches can be used to resolve particular problems, as a "tonic" for your posture, movement, and what used to be called "carriage" - how you carry yourself through the world. Your body is your most proximate tool. How do you use it?  Structural Bodywork can be seen as an extended course in reacquainting yourself with your body in motion, whether you are a finely-tuned athlete, or a computer-bound couch potato.

Most of us have collected extra tension through the course of our lives, either from injury or surgery, imitation of our parents or heroes, from our repetitive activities, trauma, or attitudes we've acquired along the way. These injuries and tensions form a pattern in our bodies. Exercise, and our mother's nagging to "Stand up straight!" may help, but most of this patterning happens below our conscious awareness and becomes part of "who we are". These patterns become written into our muscular tensions, or skeletal form, and into the tissues that go between: the Connective Tissues.

Postural Patterns' Structural Bodywork approach is to free the binding and shortening in these connective tissues, what we refer to as the "fascial network", and to re-educate the body in efficient and energy-sustaining (as opposed to energy-robbing) patterns.

This process happens over a series of sessions. Anatomy Trains' Structural Bodywork process has a 3 separate and progressive sessions, although the actual number you need may vary. To begin these sessions, Albert will talk over your history and help you set realistic goals for the process. He may take pictures of your body posture to have a record of where you started or may just examine your postural pattern with you in front of a mirror. 

"Structure isn't good or bad itself, but a way to describe the current state of someone's posture. Structure is also a path to access all this body intelligence we have within using our available therapeutic skills with touch, instruction and invitations for movement. Yet structure isn't the most important here but Function. We mainly work on the function during the sessions. Some of these information is then "saved" in the tissue." 

Most Structural Integration sessions are done in underwear or a bathing suit. Your comfort is paramount, but we need to get directly to the tissues that are restricting the free flow of movement. Much of the session work is done on a treatment table, though some moves are done on a stool or even standing. 

The practitioner will contact tissues and ask you to move, thus freeing old restrictions and encouraging the tissues back to a freer place called for by your body's inherent design. You and your practitioner can work out how deep or how gentle you want the progression to be. 

The sessions progress through the body: the first 1-2 sessions target the lower extremities and the pelvis. Getting the pelvis to be more balanced on top of the feet is already a success that can then be followed by some good work on the thorax and spine later on the sessions to end up working on the head position and spine on the last session to finish. Our main goal is for you to be independent and in you own power. That's why the sessions go from superficial to deep, in the "layering" and then form deep to superficial to end the process and let the client walk their path and the world with their owned grace. The strategy of a global treatment aims to be leaving you with a lasting and progressive change that will echo throughout the rest of your life. 

Structural Integration helps with: chronic pain (shoulder, back, neck...), stiffness, headaches, migraines, stress, burnout, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trauma, scar tissue, acute pain, fibromyalgia, chronic compensations.

Structural Bodywork will give you: better posture, better breathing, more coordination, overall wellbeing, stronger awareness, enhanced energy, space in the body, ease in movement, painless movement. 

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