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TMJ (jaw) Reset

Easy, gentle, powerful and non-invasive method to relax the muscles of the jaw. Allowing the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) balance itself. Re-programming the muscles of the jaw to have a balanced tone will give you numerous benefits starting with your Nervous System to aim complaints about the jaw, neck and shoulders. 

What is PP TMJ Reset?

Postural Patterns' TMJ Reset can be seen as a Yoga for the jaw, because of the stretching and breathing part. It works precisely because of the postural analysis and function tests to evaluate where to work more. PP TMJ Reset is:

  • Energy Kinesiology techniques
  • Postural analysis
  • Functional tests
  • Breathing techniques
  • More...

With this formula, we reset, release and balance the jaw. 

The Energy of the Jaw?

Thanks to Postural Patterns and Albert's experience and knowledge, research and constant learning, we can say something as inspiring for people with TMJ syndrome like the following:
"The stress is the the trigger for many jaw dysfunctions, yet it's not the cause. What is there to be seen and that the jaw is linked with very primal activities like the BITE. A conflict of the bite, where there is an internal or external traumatic experience creates stiffness and hypertonicity as well as other in the muscles of the jaw and neck as well as other tissues to be weak. Locked long vs. locked short. That is an important matter here. This is a normal Fight/Flight response. The problem is when this stress is repeated without management or without being processed, transcended. Muscles and tissues switching each other off, creating an imbalance, can result in pain syndromes depending on the psycho social and physical health. It's not just the posture or structural integrity but a whole living organism thriving to survive and reproduce. The jaw, mouth and throat is also used in our species to express ourselves and speak up. Or not. With more or less freedom, love and compassion"

With this formula, we reset, release and balance the energy of the jaw. We do it with precision, there is an initial postural analisis of the jaw and it's function to evaluate which muscles of the jaw we need to work more. 

For who is this?

The list of ailments that this correction is good for is long as it's the most holistic treatment that Postural Patterns has on offer. 

TMJ syndrome


Neck pain

Teeth grinding

Chronic pain




Focus, concentration


One PP TMJ Reset session includes:

  1.  PP TMJ Reset sequence.
  2.  Fascial release and massage techniques for the neck and head.
  3.  Finish off with a magnesium oil massage.

Postural Patterns' approach for TMJ:

  • Structural Integration uses a global structural releasing restrictions that affect the whole body as well as organizing the tissues, parts and function of the whole person.
  • PP TMJ Reset to give a reset to the muscles of the jaw. A yoga for the jaw that has a deep impact on the nervous system. Something essential before or during a Structural Integration process.
  • Massage, fascial release, trigger points, Neurovascular points, breathing techniques.
  • Meditation for the jaw and stress release. 


Subtle yet powerful effect. Great choice when combined with or Structural Integration or Breathe! sessions to go beyond the symptom. We periodically offer the PP TMJ Reset 1 & 2 workshop for therapists and non-therapists in order to learn all about this technique for self correction but mainly to help others. Check our upcoming workshops.