Towards a Restriction-Free Body
Structural Bodywork, Integrative Massage and Post-partum CORE sessions in Amsterdam

TMJ (Jaw) Therapy

Manual Therapy for the jaw and TMJ issues, as well as neck and other more general challenges in your body. Trigger point therapy, fascial release, functional stretches and local massage, for the muscles of the neck, jaw and head. 3/4 sessions for best results.
Best in combination with TMJ (jaw) Reset. 

Often TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Syndrome and other associated TMJ issues are a reflection of restrictions running through the entire body, lack of "glide" between fascia or connective tissue layers, linked from one body part to another, through either fascial chains or functional muscle chains. We cannot separate the TMJ to the rest of the body and do something directly on it without understanding that there might be a whole body structural pattern that is causing the dysfunction and pain. An underlying pattern. In fact, TMJ syndrome is in many cases a symptom of some other major imbalances in the body. Physical, Psychological, Cognitive and Behavioral.

Take care of it from a holistic way. Go through a Structural Integration process of 5 sessions and you will address Postural and Bio-mechanical imbalances. From the feet to the head passing through the hips. Alignment of the body with the gravity and movement efficiency in order to get ease of movement, well-being, body awareness, better posture, space in the body, coordination and enhanced energy. It might be the position of your hill bone or a restricted hip or a unique combination. With Structural Integration there is a whole body approach where with TMJ Therapy and Reset there is a "Top-Down" approach. Where a change and balance to upper structures of the body give ease and unlocking to lower structures like the neck, shoulders or hips.

It's triggered by stress and yes, that is an indication that you are either having too many stressors in your life or that your stress roof is too low. Stress management here is the key, don't miss out the workshops given in Amsterdam and in Amstelveen about breathing and mental techniques for stress management and performance. I also do private sessions in which Breathing Training meets Coaching in a easy and integrative way. 

We UNDERSTAND the complexity of TMJ syndrome and TMJ dysfunctions by affirming that it can be caused by different reasons and be triggered by others. Book 4 TMJ Therapy sessions to work locally if the pain and consequences in your daily life exceed a comfort point. You will get the results that you expect. Afterwards, you may consider addressing your posture and efficiency in your whole body with a Structural Integration process to release deep distal restrictions. If your pain and discomfort is low enough, I highly recommend to go for a Structural Integration process and 1 session or assisting a workshop of the breathing training Breathe!