Towards a Restriction-Free Body
Structural Bodywork, Integrative Massage and Post-partum CORE sessions in Amsterdam

CORE talking: Advances, myths and truths about the pelvic floor, the core and health


In this Workshop we are going to talk about the Core, the pelvic floor and the difference in training modalities that are part of the old paradigm of hard, painful, dysfunctional training towards a healthy modality that gives ONLY benefits to different systems of the human body. Presenting Postural Patterns' CORE approach, an integrative approach that uses functional movement, hypopressive exercises and manual techniques with AFR. Moving and stretching deep layers of the body to make meaningful changes to the body. Not about strengthening but about Toning.
THIS IS A THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL WORKSHOP, so please wear comfortable clothes. You are going to learn the theory of this training modality but also the fundament and a few key exercises you are going to love!
Core Training? 
Traditional conditioning and strength core training, even some functional training modalities like Crossfit (which can be quite dysfunctional for the pelvic floor), have abused of the nature of the core and the deep structures of the core, including the pelvic floor. What is usually attributed to core training is that it’s: hard, painful, exhausting and “necessary”. Why do you think is that way? Maybe, because it isn’t as healthy as we are told.
We are going to debunker the following common beliefs about core stability training:
-That certain muscles are more important for spine stability
-That weak core muscles lead to back pain
-That strengthening the core muscles can reduce back pain
-That there is a relationship between core stability and back pain
-That a strong core will prevent injury
After understanding that the core is used in most of the movements done by human body and that the deep layers are often unused and “weak” in sitting jobs, we are going to go through Important and practical subjects one by one:
- Intra-abdominal Pressure
- Femenin and masculine Pelvic Floor
- Postural awareness and training
- Urinary incontinence: misuse, overuse and underuse of the pelvic floor
- Exercise induced stress incontinence
- Woman and POST-PARTUM
- Back pain
- Postural changes
- Hypopressive exercises
- Myofascial Stretching
Bring your roommate, friend, colleague, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbour, client, and trainer. Adults, young and older ones too! Everyone is welcome! 
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Albert Sola Renart is the founder of Postural Patterns (PP), he is a manual and massage therapist and trainer, creator of these 3 systems for health and therapy:
-PP TMJ (jaw) Therapy
-PP Deep-CORE Training
-PP Breathe!
Postural Patterns is a purpose driven company. We want to share knowledge and give tools to as many people as possible, instead of making people dependent and chronic customers of our services. Please share this event to your timeline and to the people who might need it. 
Check my article “What is the Deep Core?”:
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"Information is power, Integration is an open door" Albert Sola Renart
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