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Structural Bodywork, Integrative Massage and Post-partum CORE sessions in Amsterdam

 Postural Patterns Breathwork Workshop

Discover, Re-connect and expand your body and mind through breathwork. Join and enjoy a day dedicated to breath. Breathing is the key to connect mind and body and access both fields simultaneously, creating space for expansion in all the systems of your body. Postural Patterns Breathwork isn’t just a sum of breathing techniques but the understanding of your own postural patterns and indications to aim them. We are going to explore our posture with breath.

Do you know that you can drive and send the breath anywhere in your body as you breathe in? Breathing in for expansion, breathing out for stillness. 

Program (3h):


-         What is Stress?
-         Relaxation and visualization exercises.
-         Benefits from breath holding exercises.
-         Pranayamas and breath holding exercises. Different purposes for every breath.
-         (15min break)
-         Group Posture Analysis
-         Delivery of your “strongest posture pattern” and instructions on how to breathe with it towards a place of freedom.

Somehow, in our modern world and habits, we managed to disconnect ourselves from our body and, specially, our breath and core. Sitting jobs, lack of movement and depressive/lonely behaviours bring our energy and posture down. In this workshop you will learn breathing techniques you can use in your everyday life. Really powerful tools. Tools for health and performance. We are going to talk about stress, stress management, basic breath physiology, fight/flight responses and performance in sports and business. Every single of the participant will get indications as well to breathe according to their body-type and posture pattern. It will not be like a private session but you will learn so much you can use and be self-sufficient to give your own body and mind: release, resilience, endurance, power and pleasure.

If you train your body either with strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination; why wouldn't you train your Nervous System to be resilient so you can make decisions without being conditioned by a Fight-Flight-Freeze response. No experience is required. All levels will benefit from it.

Act and don't Re-Act!

Albert will do a quick body posture analysis and determine your "strongest pattern" and will give you instructions for your "Personalized Postural Breathing" that will give you an optimal release in your body and energy field.

Bring your roommate, friend, colleague, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbour and teacher. Everyone is welcome.

To make the reservation you can send 55eur to the following account with the message: Workshop @:
Or send a message to us requesting a “tikkie”
It's not enough to click "Going" you need to secure your place by paying the amount.

Postural Patterns and Albert have the mission to share knowledge and give empowering tools to as many people as possible. The training Deep Core Integration is a very powerful integrative training for the posture, the core, pelvic floor and breath. Postural Patterns’ Breathwork gives tools to anyone to start improving their health immediately. An advanced workshop for Materialization of your desired life is coming soon so stay tuned!

Albert is the founder of Postural Patterns, structural bodyworker, massage therapist, pelvic floor and posture trainer, writer and creator of Deep Core Integration, PP TMJ (jaw) Reset and PP Breathwork.


Included in the price: Tea, water and snacks. See you There, or Here. Here and Now!