Towards a restriction-free body
Structural Bodywork, Massage Therapy, Pre and Post partum care in Amsterdam

Albert Solà Renart

- Founder of Postural Patterns -  
Structural Bodywork, Massage and Movement
Pelvic floor and core specialist

Albert is both an intuitive and technical therapist thanks to his nature, that isn't just adaptable but integrating. Including instead of excluding. A therapist that excludes people or knowledge isn't a real therapist or healer. Albert is a humble 33 year old therapist faithfully driven in his mission for sharing health and empowerment through his work and life.


With more than 10 years of experience, Albert's journey started with an early diagnosed scoliosis, which he overcame in less than a year. Exercise, therapy and movement was his medicine, but also peace of mind. Albert started then a path of discovery, exploration and self-healing. After quiting physiotherapy at the age of 20, he embarked a journey of self discovery, exploration of different therapeutic modalities and finding his creative and joyful self to serve others in the process and his own professional and personal transformation. Innovation is a word that ressonates with him, knowing that the truth isn't locked in one system but in integrating them in an intuitive way. There is a huge interest for the human body and anatomy, to help, aim, restore, balance heal, improve, prevent, enhance, upgrade, stimulate, uplift, etc. Massage therapy, foot reflexology, coaching, NLP, biomagnetism, reiki, chakra reflexology, kinesiology, kinergetics, hypopressive exercise trainer program, deep tissue workshops, structural bodywork, fascial fitness, active fascial release AFR, functional movement, etc. Albert has a lot of knowledge that has served him well for his personal development and upgrade of his health. All these therapies, techniques, methods or systems have supported him personally and professionally. There was a change of "state", as when the water starts boiling, in which all this information loses form and shape to become integrated in the way that Albert works. Every person is different, so every session he gives. 

"Healing ourselves in all possible layers"

Albert is definitely a holistic person and practitioner, that sees people with open eyes and mind. At the same time, many times he will opt for physical therapy and/or movement as the key for change. A few years after starting massaging, Albert hit a wall in which he reached a point of good results and success, being one of the best massage therapists in Amsterdam and yet something wasn't right. He got used, also tired of being given all the responsibility from his own clients, therapeutically speaking, excluding themselves from the process. Some clients definitely saw the massage as a support to boost and change their lives, yet most of them were not so aware of their own power and potential, not just for healing but also expansion of their being and health in general.  Working holistically means working on different "bodies" of someone, in as many layers as possible starting and working still mainly with the physical body, yet working well together with awareness, movement integration, well-being and state of mind.

Albert  "coincidentally" found Structural Integration or SI found him. Manual techniques, movement and awareness all together. We can claim our power back and give our bodies that INTELLIGENCE that is rightfully ours.

"When movement meets manual techniques, precisely orchestrated to give awareness, ease and space to the parts and to the whole body. Layering has an important role in this process, going from superficial to deep and back to superficial towards the end of the sessions. This way we can get the most in this process of unwinding the body with structural integration and bodywork".

Fascial Anatomy and Functional Movement as a new way to understand health and dysfunction. This was a massive shift in terms of Albert's conception of the body. Muscles, bones, joints, nerves, ... Not much about the fascia and soft tissue or global movement. Albert grew up running on mountain tracks and believing crunches were good for you!

Most of Albert's treatments start with a posture analysis and evaluation of the amount of energy of the client to determine the best way to board the issue to be improved. Good strategy and being realistic with the targets is important. If we want the best results that are long lasting we need to invest in it. Invest in ourselves. Honesty with himself and his clients is fundamental to Albert. We all deserve the best and sometimes we are not ready for it, therefore it is not yet the moment for transformation. 

How much does it cost you to remain in your current state of health?

Albert's massage has the most relevant elements of his expertise. After 10 years in the therapy field, Albert has gotten to integrate his knowledge and he no longer gives treatment of isolated techniques of therapies but he combines, really combine them to leave a blueprint that is constructive an empowering to his clients, with the blend, mainly, of manual techniques, massage and energy work to provide a holistic, multiple-layered effect. 

Everyone is welcome and no-one will be judged, because you are already perfect. What can we improve, instead?

Pelvic Health training sessions: 

Certified by The International Hypopressive Institute and together with his background in posture, movement and fascial anatomy, Albert is able to easily identify which type of approach you need for your core and pelvic floor muscles. An active and healthy lifestyle will be always on top of the priorities list and will be very supportive for any treatment. Whether you want to recover your pelvic floor, close the diastasis, reduce your waistline or improve your sexual health, both men and women will be thankful for the results and will benefit from it. Guided hypopressive exercises to tone-up your core muscles as well as functional movement to asses and correct, to connect throughout the whole body together with Albert's ease to use Active Fascial Release AFR in the sessions to make this a whole body soft workout and treatment, using breath, posture and movement in his innovative CORE sessions. A personalized integrative approach that can match specific needs.