Health, Vitality and Ease
Bodywork, Massage and Pelvic Health sessions in Amsterdam


 Structural Bodywork

  • Improve your posture and unlock your body
  • Deep assisted bodywork
  • Working globally for specific problems. Stiffness, frozen shoulder, stress, migraine, burnout, scoliosis, tension, acute pain,...
  • Process of sessions to achieve long-lasting meaningful changes
  • Connect deeply with your body. Give it a reset. Release patterns and memories to have more freedom. Learn about your body and how to use it


Stress, Pain, Stiffness or Injury? Plan with Albert the strategy to follow. He uses global and local approaches with different techniques and modalities. Harmonic technique, fascial release, structural integration, massage, functional movement, pelvic floor training/therapy and more!


  • Mommy Massage
  • Signature Treatment
  • Structural Bodywork


  • Pelvic Health sessions


Pelvic Health sessions

Training and bodywork in the same session! For pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunctions, childbirth, low back problems.
  • Assessment of the Pelvic Function. Tight vs weak?
  • Self myofascial release with trigger point balls, structural bodywork
  • Specific corrective exercises for the pelvic floor
  • Integration of the pelvic floor activation with all the body movements, including breath and voice

Release patterns, gain awareness and control and reclaim ALL the functions of the pelvic floor: sustaining, letting go, sexual, stability and force and as a lymphatic pump. Improve your breath, posture and co-activation as well as recovering its natural reflexive activation. Clothed sessions

What serves you best? 

What do you want? What do you need in this moment of your LIFE? Where are you, in your body? Or in your process towards becoming, feeling and being the best version of yourself? What about your movement patterns? Do you have awareness in your body or are the head and the body disconnected? What does it cost you to remain in the place where you are at the moment? What would you like to improve?

Free consultation

Do you want a Free Consultation? Every Sunday  Albert offers 20min consultations to come and have your posture checked as well as an evaluation of your core function if requested. Setting targets with your body and being.  You will find out which is your main postural pattern and understand where you are in your body through Albert's eyes. It is a fantastic way to see if we can help you and, second, make a strategy according to your targets, energy level and commitment. Contact us to book yours.

" I want you to be in your own Power. I don't believe in giving blindly your problem or responsibility to your therapist because it isn't empowering to exclude yourself from the process. I can support you in your process with all that i offer and am here to serve you with. Choice is the mantra that I want to integrate in my life and other people's lives. I believe in you, truly. And I wish to work with people like you! "