Beyond Structure, Coming Home
Structural Integration, Massage Therapy and Post-partum rehabilitation in Amsterdam


 Structural Integration

  • Manual Therapy with a global view of the body
  • Deep Touch
  • Exercises and movements
  • Improve your posture and unlock your body
  • Process of 12 Series of sessions for deep and long welding effects
  • Stiffness, pain, stress, frozen shoulder, migraine, burnout, scoliosis, tension, chronic pain, back problems, scars, bone issues, low energy,...
  • Freedom of movement, adaptability, energy, support, release and integration
  • Including visceral and neural work depending on the case

Massage Therapy

Catch up with yourself and release your stress and tension. Whether you need maintenance, rehab or to relax you will be most welcome as you are. Albert has a wide range of techniques and lists to you and your body to create a massage treatment with you. Deep tissue, fascial release, relaxation techniques and harmonizing techniques. 100% custom, 100% You!

Pre & Post
Partum Care

Bringing new life in this world is the most sacred and ancestral gift we have in this world. What better to take care and facilitate this process with focus on the mother.

Take a moment of relaxation and ease your body of aches and stress with a tailored massage.

Do you want to get the core and pelvic floor function again in shape or better than before? Closing the diastasis and improving your overall health quickly? This training is for you then, ideally in addition to another physical activity, starting 4-6 weeks after giving birth. 


What serves you best? 

What do you want? What do you need in this moment of your LIFE? Where are you, in your body? Or in your process towards becoming, feeling and being the best version of yourself? What about your movement patterns? Do you have awareness in your body or are the head and the body disconnected? What does it cost you to remain in the place where you are at the moment? What would you like to improve?

To the Root

At Postural Patterns we see the body as a whole and, in doing so, we find that each case is different. Each patient has individual needs and needs individual treatment. Albert will look at the sub-optimal places of your body in static posture and dynamic movement, as well as osteopathic assessments to determine dysfunctional chains and interconnected places in the body to work and unlock the most amount of energy for the most efficient treatment possible. The result is often a release of patterns, decrease of symptoms and healing. He will help you heal yourself by stimulating the self-healing mechanisms of the body in a natural, deep and gentle way


Do you want a Consultation? Please contact us to book your session. A precise assessment and treatment are very important, to create positive changes in the body that stay and that ripple through the whole system

" I want you to be in your own Power. I don't believe in giving blindly your problem or responsibility to your therapist because it isn't empowering to exclude yourself from the process. I can support you in your process doing my best, always. My aim is to help you heal yourself. I believe in you, truly. And I wish to work with people like you! "

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