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Pregnant women: a gift to the world

Creation, conception, gestation and birth is a true gift to the world. 

The purpose of this article is to raise awareness about the topic and encourage active appreciation to the women of the world, so we move from a quantitative to qualitative mindset, in a collective way. 

A women that undergoes a whole pregnancy, whilst still doing most of the things that she does already normally, living all the changes in her body, different emotional states, constant nourishment to her future baby, even working and being busy for everybody else; that woman deserves to be honored and appreciated constantly by the world, community and family. How do we thank them? With a maternity leave? Not nearly enough!

I believe that in the future there will be an imperative need to connect with each other, the nature and we will create structures to integrate and support all that, no matter the scale and size. Here, I invite and encourage you to do so, in you own very way. Smile to the neighbor, ask a friend how is she, donate goods or your time for the community, give without expecting anything in return, receive without feeling like you owe to that person, love without demanding love back, embrace without trying to attempting to own something, someone or someone's experience.


Who's paying that bill? If there is an "injury", the medical system. And what about the memory and trauma that the tissues store after such an event? Loss of functionality? Quality of life? Social implications? Psychological? All these are extremely important things in someone's life experience. A 3 month maternity leave seems a slap on the face if you value the above. 
Movement therapy and sport, advanced bodywork, nutrition, relaxation, wellbeing, support,... should be considered something of a collective matter. Stressed pregnant ladies supply stress hormones to the babies and this affects them to a not well known extent.