Beyond Structure, Coming Home
Structural Integration, Massage Therapy and Post-partum rehabilitation in Amsterdam


Single session

60min = €100

90min = €150

2h = €200

3h = €300

Structural Integration for Post-Partum in the first 6 months
Structural Integration for people aged 10-20


Structural Bodywork
Unlock your old restrictions and trauma stored in the body. Improve posture and function with long lasting results. Deep bodywork to improve the posture and efficiency of the whole system. Unwinding the body's connective tissue and fascia through bodywork to let go of restrictions. Frozen shoulder, scoliosis, stress, pain, stiffness, chronic pain, burnout, personal transformation, etc.
Format: 12 Series of sessions

Massage Therapy

Stress, injuries, maintenance and more. A tailored massage treatment. A beautiful blend of deep tissue, fascial release, relaxation techniques and harmonizing techniques. For every purpose and intention, this treatment is very particular for every person to meet your wishes and expectations. 100% custom, 100% You!


Pregnancy Massage
A PP specialty, with our prenatal massage table ready to support you and your baby for a face-down pampering experience. Higher blood flow will increase the intake of oxygen and nutrition of both the mother and the baby leaving you more relaxed and relieved. More than 10 years of experience make Albert a clear, professional and committed therapist with intelligent hands.


  • Release and healing for mother and baby.
  • Use of a special pregnancy table
  • Ease of pain and symptoms in the mother

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Pelvic Health sessions

Release, Mobilize, Activate and Integrate!

Release patterns, gain awareness and control and reclaim all the functions of the pelvic floor: sustaining, letting go, sexual, stability and force and as a lymphatic pump. Improve your breath, posture and co-activation as well as recovering its natural reflexive activation

Albert is specialized in pelvic floor training for the past 7 years. This training is indicated mainly for Post Partum but good for any gender and age. 

Train your core and pelvic floor to optimize and maximize function. Modern and painless training to achieve a good tone, response and strength in the core and pelvic floor muscles. Also ideal if you have herniated discs, as it has a low impact and we work with a decrease the pressure in the pelvis. 

Postural and Breathing training using the Hypopressive methodology alongside with Functional Kegels and any exercise designed for you by Albert. 

Our Pelvic Health Map has 4 foundations:

  • Release (Structural Integration)
  • Breath
  • Posture
  • Movement

 * RELEASE: We recommend you to go through a Structural Bodywork/Integration process of sessions, in where the body is worked in detail, including the pelvic floor (externally). We need first to release before mobilization and movement therapy. It's a lot more efficient in the long run. We can then achieve deeper connection and relaxation in the deeper layers of the body, including the pelvic floor muscles. 


When to release and when to strengthen? 

Together with Albert you are going to determine where to start. Hypertonic (tight) or Hypotonic (weak). Which of the 4 quadrants of the pelvic floor is in which condition and what to do with that for better balance and stability. Release the tight. Strengthen the weak. 

We are going to retrain the area for it to have the natural automatic reflex as well as bringing awareness to the pelvic floor muscles and have all the natural functions it's designed to: sustain/hold, to let go, sexual function, stability and force and as a lymphatic pump

Book 4-5 sessions to know a lot more about your pelvic floor and to have the tools necessary to properly train it on your own after the indications of Albert for your process.

*Wear comfortable or sports clothes.