Health, Vitality and Ease
Bodywork, Massage and Pelvic Health sessions in Amsterdam


A personalized approach that can meet specific needs

2-10 cm of waist line reduction

Pelvic floor recovery. Toning of the core, core function

Better posture, painless movement and better breathing


Functional movement - warm up, assessment and treatment

Hypopressive technique - learning-mastering

Empowerment through movement and Active Fascial Release AFR

*Bring comfortable or sports clothes.

During a CORE session you get to know your body so much better and gain an innate body intelligence and automatic mechanisms that aim you in your movement and in your life. Having a flatter belly is just a welcomed secondary effect. Our goal is health, not dysfunction or counterproductive activities. Measurable results are seen after 1-2 months of weekly practice.
Albert will lead you towards a place of empowerment and freedom. Tailored sessions, not just for your postural pattern but for sequencing timing and effect on the body and system as a whole. These are sessions that are recommended to take for 2 months, weekly. 2 months of self practice afterwards and gradually decreasing the amount to none. It is a learning curve. Once your body somatizes all the input, it integrates this easily. 

Hypopressive technique

A yogi pranayama or breathing technique named Uddiyana Bandha, used to strengthen and tone the muscles of the core as well as energize the body. Pelvic floor physiotherapy adopted this technique and adapted it, calling Hypopressive exercise or technique. So named because of the decrease of pressure in the abdomen and pelvis. Pressure decreases to the half, during the exercise.

Countries' medical systems such as in France or Spain prescribe these exercises for post-partum recovery. This training is specially indicated for recover the shape of the core but it has enormous benefits for any person to de-compress the pelvis. Men or Woman.

 The secret to a connected core is simple:










About Albert:


Albert's approach is dynamic, hands-on, educational, adaptable and centered. Blending manual techniques, movement and breathing training to connect the core and improve the health globally, with special attention to the spine, pelvis, core muscles and breath.

 Muscles, fascia, function and integrity.


Certified by The International Hypopressive Institute and together with his background in posture, movement and fascial anatomy, Albert is able to easily identify which type of approach you need for your core and pelvic floor muscles. An active and healthy lifestyle will be always on top of the list ideally and will be very supportive for any treatment. Whether you want to recover your pelvic floor, close the diastasis, reduce your waistline or improve your sexual health, both men and women will be thankful for the results and will benefit from it. Guided hypopressive exercises to tone-up your core muscles as well as functional movement to assess and correct, to connect throughout the whole body together with Albert's ease to use Active Fascial Release AFR in the sessions to make this a whole body soft workout and treatment, using breath, posture and movement in his innovative CORE sessions. A personalized integrative approach that can match specific needs.