Health, Vitality and Ease
Bodywork, Massage and Pelvic Health sessions in Amsterdam

Breathing training to gain tools and get deep benefits for your system. Health and Performance. Mind and Body. Stress management. Performance in sports and business.

1-on-1 Sessions to get the maximum benefit. It's not about the amount of stressors but the capacity you have, your stress roof. Stress Management and Performance is the key to Health and the value you will find in these easy and personalized breathing and mental exercises will pay off only in days. 90min sessions. 2-4 sessions are recommended.

Don't miss the workshops on it given in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. With a duration of 3 hours. It usually covers what it's done in the first 1-on-1 session plus some theoretical and practical additional information. 

We highly recommend to assist to the high value workshop, practice for 1-2 weeks and then trying the 1-on-1 Breathwork session. Expand your horizons, train your nervous system to be resilient. Activate your inner power as well as your connection with yourself and your world. Create, play, celebrate. 

Most of the breathing training are about connecting with your body and mind in a generic way, vague and superficial. Not so easy to integrate. Albert has knowledge in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. 

A System that works. What to expect:

In a practical sense, Breathwork combines Relaxation Techniques, setting Goals and a clear Outer Intention; and Breath-Holding exercises. All of it to train and reprogram your nervous system and make the energy of the universe work in your favor. All to preserve and nourish these 3 foundations of inner health


With practice, the 3 of them can be integrated in 1 and in your daily life.

Breath Awareness:

Could you start being conscious of your breath in different daily situations? Do you know that you can consciously affect your body and mind by breathing in different ways?

  • Where are you breathing, in your body?
  • Do you feel expansion or depression, in your breath?
  • What's the frequency and depth of your breath?

Different types of breathing give different effects and functions to the body. There's no judgement, yet it's good to know that every breath you take is different.

1-on-1 Sessions:

The first session is to get used to the method. Gain tools to practice on and get back to a Balance in your Nervous System. Getting out of Fight/Flight is essential before you even think about targets and work with Outer Intention. 

Albert will evaluate your breath in Structure and Function. If there is lack of Function only, it's because there is some movement in specific areas that has been unlearned or dis-learned by the body and it just takes seconds to achieve that. If it's an actual restriction then it requires manipulation to be unlocked and be able to bring the body to new places. Albert is a manual therapist specialized in fascia / connective tissue that works with posture and whole body connections. Differentiating between lack of Function and a Restriction makes the sessions not only more efficient but to the point, giving the client a sense of satisfaction and trust in their own body. A session can have up to 30min of Bodywork, even though most of the session will be oriented to the Mindset, either new or extended Exercises, Troubleshooting with the daily practice or with the homework. 



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