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Beyond Structure, Coming Home

Structural Integration, Massage Therapy and Post-partum rehabilitation in Amsterdam

Albert Solà Renart

- Founder of Postural Patterns -  

Structural Integration Practitioner, Massage Therapist and Pelvic Health Specialist

Albert is a myofascial and movement therapist with a wide range of techniques and approaches. He aims to restore balance and stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the body in a natural way. From soft and gentle to deep release,

his touch is open and welcoming to invite you to let go, whilst being a vessel for that purpose.

Albert has a global view of the body, where anatomy, structure, posture and function come together with all that makes us human and connects us. Emotions and our collective selves. He shares his vision of health, vitality and empowerment through his work and life. His mission is to help others to live in their bodies in a more full, conscious and easy way. Massage, deep bodywork or pelvic floor training is what he shares and serves people with, in his practice, in the center of Amsterdam, at the Overtoom!


With more than 14 years of experience in therapy, Albert's journey started at a young age with an interest in sciences, biology and physiology to then turn more towards the body. Human anatomy, structure and function as well as the psyche and the spiritual fascinate and move him deeply.

Albert dropped the studies of physiotherapy because it didn't resonate fully with him. He knew there was much more and didn't want to be part of a system that focuses on disease and pathology instead of the wholeness and greatness that there is within in a holistic way. This greatness is our nature. Our nature to heal ourselves on our own or with the help of others. We all can tap into our own self-healing mechanisms.

At the age of 20 he started a journey to explore other therapeutic modalities and finding himself along the way. Massage therapy, kinesiology, coaching, NLP, biomagnetism, reiki, kinergetics, foot reflexology, deep tissue, structural bodywork, harmonic technique as well as training modalities such as pelvic floor and modern core training, hypopressive method, fascial fitness, functional training, yoga, feldenkrais and pilates. Following the certification in structural bodywork changed his vision about the body and expanded his view on Anatomy. Enrolled with Anatomy Trains and followed his path on fascia, functional anatomy and postural concepts that had so much more sense of the body to Albert. Globality is the key.

This journey gave Albert transformation and openness in his body and in his way to work with people. Understanding important factors for health such as stress, whole body connections and interpersonal aspects. Inducing in the body self-healing mechanisms and working with health is something which Albert truly enjoys.

Albert is definitely not a follower of one system. Together with his clients, he is able to create a strategy that works for them and bring them towards their goals in a realistic way. Every person is different, so is every session he gives.

How much does it cost you to remain in your current state of health?

Do you have targets within your own body? Or are you doing your way and the body is just a carrier of your mind? The body has immense intelligence that is an extension of our brain. You can reprogram your body to support you and unlock all type of patterns that meet in the physical body and that affect the whole being. Emotional, mental and spiritual patterns are also stored in the body in forms of memory and trauma. Releasing this can be key for our transformation and empowerment.

If you feel you are missing out on life and connection with your own body, connection with everything, that is what's costing you at the moment, among other things.

Pelvic Health sessions: 

Albert has a background in helping women recover their pelvic floor from childbirth. He started this specialization back in 2015 following a certification program to learn in depth the Hypopressive method by the International Hypopressive & Physical Therapy institute. A postural and breathing training specially designed for the pelvic floor. Albert understands global movement, global connections, posture patterns and when to work locally and when to work globally. Structural bodyworker, massage therapist and a movement enthusiast with knowledge

in functional movement and the importance of movement in health. He helps both men and women with a variety of imbalances in the pelvic area.

Pelvic Health sessions include assesment of the pelvic funciton, bodywork and self myofascial release with trigger point balls, exercises of the pelvic floor and integration of the pelvic floor with all body movements. A personalized integrative approach that can match specific needs in both men and women.

Albert's Education:

- Massage Therapy, Sports Massage, Reflexology - 2009
- Liberador de estrés con tecnicas de Kinesiologia - 2011
- Deep Tissue Massage with muscle specific techniques - 2017
- Anatomy Trains: Structure and Function - 2017
- Anatomy Trains Essentials: 6 body regions - 2017/2018
- Anatomy Trains Structural Strategies: the 3 Sessions - 2018
- Anatomy Trains advanced Pelvis (Tom Myers) - 2018
- Hypopressive Technique (Low Pressure Fitness) certified - 2018
- Born to Walk (James Earls) - 2018
- Active Fascial Release AFR(James Earls) - 2019
- Barehand Strong (Federico Luzi)- 2019
- Pelvic Balance (Federico Luzi) - 2019
- Harmonic Technique (Eyal Lederman) - 2019
- Breathology Fundamentals & Advanced - 2020
- Born to Move, Move to Integrate 2022
- Visceral Manipulation 1, 2, 3, 4 (Barral Institute) - 2022
- Neural Manipulation 1, 2 (Barral Institute) - 2022
- ScarWork (Sharon Wheeler) - 2022
- BoneWork (Sharon Wheeler) - 2022
- Advanced Cranium Structural Integration approaches (Sharon Wheeler) - 2022
- Anatomy Trains Structural Integration part 3: the 12 Series - 2022
- Bonework for the Pelvis (Sharon Wheeler) - 2023

- Viscero Vascular Approach, Upper and Lower body (Barral Institute) - 2023

- New Manual Articular Approach, Upper and Lower body (Barral Institute) - 2023

- Scarwork Refresher and Ceasarian post-natal scarwork (Sharon Wheeler) - 2023

- Born to Move: Functional Links - Lower limb, pelvis and core, upper extremity, cranial biomechanics - 2024

- Manual Approach to the Brain 1, 2 (Barral Institute) - 2024


Opening Hours

Thursday: 09:00–19:30

Friday: 09:00–19:30

Saturday: 09:00–19:30

Sunday: 09:00–19:30


Overtoom 570

1054LN Amsterdam